It all started when...

A casual conversation with a friend at a Marco Benevento concert led me to the extraordinary experience of giving this TEDx talk. She asked if I knew what TEDx was, and I gushed, "You know, giving a TEDx talk has been on my bucket list for years!" She was on the organizing committee for our local conference in the Finger Lakes, and told me I should apply. 

From there on out, it was pure kismet. The TEDx committee asked me to come up a with a few ideas, and it became clear early on that they really wanted me to tell the story of how From Shale Rock We Rise came to be. From my perspective, I really wanted to tell the story of how I returned to music-making after seven years as a full-time, stay-at-home parent to my two children. Putting the two together was a perfect marriage of personal storytelling and music. 

Speaking at TEDx was one of the highlights of 2016. The next goal I'm setting my sights on? Applying to be a TED Fellow.